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NET+ Amazon Web Services by DLT Enhancements Offer Community Members Streamlined Business Associate Agreements; Data Egress Fee Waiver

Jun 07, 2016, by Sara Jeanes
Tags: Internet2 NET+

The Internet2 NET+ Program Advisory Group and team is thrilled to announce that NET+ AWS by DLT is now Generally Available!

Because this Service is now in the NET+ General Availability category, it offers Internet2 members and non-members program enhancements that include:

  • A community-developed Business Associate Agreement (BAA): Host your HIPAA and HITECH compliant workloads on Amazon Web Services with a revised BAA that was negotiated by community compliance and HIPAA experts.
  • Non-member availability: Participating schools just need to register through their Regional Network to access NET+ AWS by DLT through the NET+ Non-Member Program.
  • Onboarding with ease: A refined onboarding process provides access to the benefits of NET+ AWS by DLT faster than ever before.

Additionally, NET+ AWS by DLT continues to offer:

  • Data Egress Fee Waiver: The Data Egress Fee Waiver waives charges associated with outbound data originating from Amazon Web Services. The waiver applies to all data egress charges on an account's invoice up to 15% of the total monthly cost. So, if you have a $1,000 invoice and $150 is for data egress charges, your invoice is reduced to $850 dollars.
  • Support Waiver: With the NET+ AWS by DLT, previously mandatory support and the associated costs can be waived on an account by account, and month to month basis. This reduces the monthly cost by 10% on accounts that have the support waiver applied.
  • Community Scale Discounting: As the community uses more, the community saves more. This discount is currently at 3%, and steps up to 5% as usage grows.
  • Account provisioning portal and purchasing support: Provide enterprise wide support with billing assistance and choice in payment methods. Automatically provision users to use InCommon credentials and the NET+ AWS by DLT Portal to request and transfer AWS accounts.
  • Community negotiated Enterprise Customer Agreement (ECA): A community negotiated ECA builds on the work of over 100 university counsel to incorporate best practice provisions for accessing Amazon Web Services.

Access additional benefits of the program and sign up to participate.

Please contact Internet2 NET+ with any questions.