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OESS Upgrade Completed

May 09, 2016, by Bill Lytle
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Advanced Networking, Executive Insights

OESS (Open Exchange Software Suite) is a set of software used to configure and provide user-controlled dynamic (VLAN) circuits on the Internet2 AL2S network. It is a critical piece of our current operating environment that supports almost all of Internet2’s Layer 2 and Layer 3 network services. 

On May 2 and 4, successful off-jours maintenance was performed on the OESS to prepare for upcoming hardware upgrades and new functionality in the network. The first OESS upgrade (to version 1.1.9) enables users to terminate plans on both trunk facing and edge facing ports for routed connections. The second maintenance changed the way the OESS controller addressed the switches. Additional patches for potential issues identified in earlier code where also included.

We would like to thank Tom Johnson, Caren Litvanyi, Ed Balas, as well as the whole team at Internet2 supporting this task, for completing these upgrades successfully. Both maintenance activities were required in advance of the 2016 Network upgrade.