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TCIC Corner for May - TIER Release One

May 04, 2016, by Michael Zawacki
Tags: TIER, TIER Software

By Klara Jelinkova, Vice President & CIO of Rice University and chair of the TIER Community Investor Council

On Monday, April 18, the TIER collaboration of 49 Universities and Internet2 made available the first release of the TIER software and practices suite. This event establishes important groundwork for future TIER developments.

For the first time, the community-developed software teams are coordinating on a shared release  and common virtual machine instances. A core set of APIs have been built to ease the development and integration of the future releases and enable more flexible implementation on campuses.  The Grouper Project has implemented a first iteration of the APIs, providing a look at how these might be used.

Only a year ago, our community came together to create the TIER program. Internet2 committed and focused funds dispersed between the InCommon Federation and internal development efforts to support TIER. In addition, 49 university partners committed funds over a three-year period to jump-start the effort, and Internet2 members agreed to ensure sustainability of the software development in the long term.

The program is community built and run in every sense of the word. A network of community volunteers (engineers, technologists, architects and community leaders) forms the backbone of our specification work. To give you an idea of the magnitude of effort, community representatives spent 623 hours on conference calls from January to March working on TIER specifications.

The TIER Investor Council (TCIC), which provides governance for TIER, would like to thank everyone who contributed to this important milestone. We could not have done it without your support, leadership and expertise -thank you! We’d like to recognize and highlight the contributions of our working group chairs:

Chairperson Institution Working Group Name
Tom Barton University of Chicago Ad Hoc Advisory Group
Warren Curry University of Florida Entity Registry
Keith Hazelton University of Wisconsin-Madison TIER APIs and Data Structures; MACE-Directories
Walter Hoehn University of Memphis InCommon Federation Interoperability Profile Working Group
Jim Jokl University of Virginia Packaging and Containerization
Helen Patton The Ohio State University Security and Audit Standards and Practices
Karen Herrington The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University InCommon Multifactor Interoperability Profile