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TIER Community Contributor Spotlight: Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College

Mar 24, 2016, by Michael Zawacki
Tags: Shibboleth, TIER

The subject of this TIER Community Contributor Spotlight is Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College, a member of the TIER Packaging Working Group

Janemarie Duh has been at Lafayette College for 22 years, with the last 10 of those in the Digital Infrastructure team, first as a systems programmer and, beginning in 2013, as the Identity Management Systems Architect. Lafayette College joined InCommon in 2007 and was an early adopter of Shibboleth.

“At small liberal arts colleges, processes tend to be distributed rather than centralized,” says Janemarie. “Developing centralized identity management practices ensures that tasks are repeatable and yield consistent outcomes. At Lafayette, a mature IdM program with a security component highlights central processes and a value case for single sign-on and federated identity.”
TIER is not Janemarie’s first foray into the IdM community. She joined the Social Identity Working Group in 2012 at the suggestion of her CIO, John O'Keefe. Based on her work in that group the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) tapped her to chair the Alternative IdPs Working Group. As the group’s chair, Janemarie led a diverse group of over 50 people representing universities, vendors, and a government agency to identify strategies for deploying an IdP in a variety of IT environments. 

“The group's recommendations continue to educate strategic planning,” said David Walker, who was a member of the working group. “Janemarie's leadership skills, understanding of identity management in higher education, and passion for a quality product were crucial to the success of this group.” The final report outlining the group’s activities and findings is now available.
Janemarie continues to contribute to the identity management community, serving on 2016 Technology Exchange Trust and Identity Track Planning committee, and is a member of the TIER Packaging Working Group. In February the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) added her to its roster as a voting member. Steve Carmody, Brown University and the chair of the InCommon TAC, stated, “Through her work with the Alternate IdP working group Janemarie was able to achieve consensus on a set of recommendations from a group that initially had a broad spectrum of opinion. As a member of the TAC she is helping to review and advise on InCommon's operations and technology choices, and consistency with and support of InCommon's roadmap and mission.”
With her strong operational background and eagerness to both collaborate and lead, Janemarie has established herself as a valuable contributor to the TIER community.