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Internet2 NET+ Lookout Webinar

Feb 29, 2016, by Nick Lewis
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Lookout

Live webinar: The role of mobile security at colleges & universities

Large and small universities have tens of thousands of unmanaged mobile devices, visitors from around the world, and guest Wi-Fi that’s sometimes unprotected and often open to anyone who wants to use it. This helps make higher education institutions as vulnerable to mobile attacks as any large, global enterprise.

Mobile devices and university data

Mobile devices are gaining more access to information every day as students, faculty, and everyday employees use their smartphones and tablets as productivity tools.

It’s not just banks and governments that have cyber attackers interested. Attackers recently breached a large university exposing its HR system including personally identifiable information and tax data. More and more, institutions are embracing the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are or what systems you use, it just matters what kind of sensitive data you use that may make you a target.

What you can do to protect students and faculty

Join Internet2 and Lookout as we discuss Lookout’s participation in Internet2’s NET+ program and present the overall mobile threat landscape, and solutions that can be used by IT departments across a broad range of individuals: from tenured professors to students. You’ll get information on how you can actionably protect your mobile infrastructure, keep yours and your constituents’ sensitive information safe, and how mobile plays a huge role in both.

On March 9, I will be presenting webinar "Higher Education and Mobile Security: Risk Reduction Syllabus" with Aaron Cockerill, VP of Products at Lookout. Aaron joined Lookout with nearly 20 years of software product management experience. As the VP of Products, Aaron is responsible for the development of products that protect individuals and organizations alike from mobile attacks. Most recently, he served as VP of Mobile Technologies at Citrix, where he and his team were responsible for the development of Citrix’s mobile apps and container technology, while driving the acquisition of Zenprise.

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