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LabArchives Introduces Unlimited Data Storage and Large File Upload

Feb 23, 2016, by Matthew Buss
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Lab Archives

LabArchives®, a leading electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and NET+ Service Provider, announced that ALL Enterprise Licenses will have unlimited storage as part of their license, effective January 29th, at no additional charge.  

Now, LabArchives Enterprise adoptions such as Caltech, Cornell University, Yale University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, MIT, University of Pittsburgh and many others have access to unlimited storage space. Now, tens of thousands of users users at LabArchives Enterprise License sites will have unlimited data access to store, manage, and publish and document their research and data. This new policy removes the previous cap on data storage and enables tens of thousands of scientists, students and professors to utilize LabArchives to better manage their research work flow, research data, and comply with institutional and regulatory data management plan requirements.

Also available, LabArchives extends a new premium feature only available for Enterprise Licenses: Large File Upload (LFU). This will allow LabArchives users to now upload files larger than the standard 250MB. This premium feature enables users to upload files as large as 4 GB subject to local institutional policy and throughput. Internet2 is working with LabArchives and the NET+ LabArchives Advisory Board to determine the business model appropriate for this to be made available through the NET+ offering.

With the addition of these offerings, the Internet2 community continues to enjoy the benefits of working with LabArchives on ensuring the NET+ offering continues to be a valuable service moving forward. Related to these two features, LabArchives users can still simply drag and drop files into the system, or attach files to a digital notebook entry, which may include descriptive information, rich text, notes, comments from collaborators, or annotations and references. Further, users can then assign access rights to the data or maintain it as secure research data. All of LabArchives data is hosted in a secure cloud environment utilizing Amazon Web Services and Amazon S3.