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Secure Public Cloud Apps in Higher Education with a Cloud Access Security Broker

Feb 09, 2016, by Nick Lewis
Tags: Bitglass, Internet2 NET+

Universities are quickly transitioning to public cloud apps like Box, Dropbox, Google Apps and Office 365 to accommodate the need for modern collaboration tools and increasing demand for BYOD among faculty, staff, and students. In fact, a recent Bitglass report on cloud adoption found that 83 percent of higher education institutions have adopted cloud apps, up from 23 percent in 2014 and higher than every other industry. As faculty and students seek tools that enable easy sharing and collaboration, University IT departments need to maintain visibility and control over sensitive data as it moves to the cloud.

Cloud Access Security Brokers, or CASBs, provide data protection in the cloud and across devices. For institutions looking to secure cloud apps and BYOD, such solutions are easy to use, easy to deploy, and provide robust functionality. Bitglass, a prospective NET+ provider, is one of a handful of CASBs that works across multiple cloud applications with an agentless BYOD solution. By leveraging APIs built into the cloud apps themselves, CASBs like Bitglass can provide granular access controls and deep visibility into how sensitive data is being used and shared. This coupled with contextual DLP capabilities to track, encrypt, and apply DRM to files as needed, ensures your data stays secure.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is one of many campuses that uses the Bitglass solution to monitor and restrict the type of data uploaded to cloud apps, namely Dropbox. With a CASB, UNC Charlotte can track sensitive documents, control access on unmanaged devices, and wrap sensitive files in DRM to ensure that everything from research data to student and faculty personal information stays secure.

Bitglass will host a webinar: Securing Data in Higher Education on Wednesday, February 10 at 10am PT/1pm ET, part of the NET+ series of CloudDLP and CASB webinars, to explain the technology behind Cloud Access Security Brokers and the value of a scalable agentless solution to secure public cloud apps. We encourage all to attend and consider participating in the service validation for the Bitglass solution for a NET+ program.

Download the UNCC Case Study.

Join the webinar on Securing Data in Higher Education on February 10. Register here.

Contact me if you are a campus interested in participating in a NET+ Service Validation.