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Internet2 Members Receive Free Splunk eLearning Classes

Feb 05, 2016, by Nick Lewis
Tags: Frontpage News, Internet2 NET+, Splunk

Today’s educational institutions face challenges that place ever-increasing demands on their technology infrastructure. The network, infrastructure and applications are the digital backbone of educational enterprises and have become mission-critical in delivering more robust services under severe resource constraints. Machine data represents a largely untapped opportunity for delivering just these types of results. Educational institutions can leverage Splunk solutions to troubleshoot application problems and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, monitor and alert to avoid service degradation or outages and deliver compliance at lower cost. Internet2 NET+ and Spunk offer US not-for-profit universities the opportunity to acquire Splunk Enterprise On Premises software through a exclusive discounted three year program.  

Beginning February 5, 2016, students, faculty and staff at ALL Internet2 member universities can access the four classes that are required to become a Splunk Certified Power User for FREE. A Splunk Power User creates and manages knowledge objects that are used across an organization. The courses include "Using Splunk," Searching & Reporting," "Knowledge Objects," and the "Splunk Infrastructure Overview." The courses are available through February 28, 2017 and members can complete an online test when the classes are completed to become a power user.

“Research and Education are our mission and we are pleased Splunk is making these courses available our Internet2 community and thank the NET+ Splunk advisory board campuses for their initiative to provide this exceptional benefit. Internet2 staff, faculty, and students can increase their professional development in utilizing the powerful toolsets of Splunk Enterprise On Premises to achieve their teaching and research missions,” said Shel Waggener, Internet2, senior vice president.  "We look forward to working with Splunk to enhance and streamline access to these valuable course offerings throughout the year."

“We are excited to deliver Splunk eLearning classes with Internet2’s NET+ to educational institutions to leverage machine generated data,” said Jennifer Roth, director, higher education, Splunk. “By offering these classes we will enable the further development in research and education around leveraging data.”

Typically to become a Splunk certified Power User costs $2500, so having the full four course offerings available at no cost to Internet2 members represents tremendous value.  Thank you to Splunk and the NET+ Splunk program! If you'd like additional information about the NET+ Splunk Enterprise On Premises offering, please contact me.

To register for Splunk courses, follow these instructions (PDF).