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Researchers Embracing Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)

Jan 27, 2016, by Matthew Buss
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Lab Archives

Researchers and scientists are increasingly embracing electronic lab notebook solutions such as LabArchives to better connect and interact with peers and students. This tool helps researchers share information, improve record keeping, prove discovery, ensure compliance with funding requirements, and streamline access to research data and information. Students also report benefits to using ELNs--noting that it helps them keep better records within their classroom or laboratory setting.  

And, since LabArchives is a cloud based ELN, a user only needs an internet connection to be able to keep up to date with changes to labs, research, students’ work product, and team collaboration. This makes it easy to work in different locations when traveling or from home when away from a lab.

The Internet2 community developed through the Internet2 NET+ service validation process a NET+ LabArchives offering--that provides access to both Professional and Classroom Editions. LabArchives is one of the leading web-based Electronic Lab Notebook application that is used by more than 100,000 scientists and science students, including Nobel laureates to store, organize, share, and publish their laboratory data.

Now available in an enterprise-wide license for universities, research institutes and private industry, LabArchives has been adopted by a number of leading institutions including California Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Tufts University, UT Southwestern, University of Sydney, University of Wisconsin, and Yale University, University of Pittsburgh and MIT. 

LabArchives is also available in a Classroom Edition, which is used by students, TAs and instructors in more than 400 hundred lab courses.  The Classroom Edition of LabArchives enables students to use the same leading work-flow technology available to professional researchers at the same or lower cost than a paper lab notebook. And, it provides significant benefits to instructors, enabling them to publish lab manuals, evaluate, annotate and grade students via the cloud based application.

The current chair for the NET+ LabArchives Advisory Board, which has overall stewardship for the program representing the higher education community, is the University of Wisconsin.  For further information on NET+ LabArchives, please email,