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Jeff Hagley

Jeff Hagley photo Title: Network & Operations Manager
Division: Chief Administrative & Systems Office
Areas of Responsibility: Internal IT infrastructure, Event Technology
Years in Advanced Technology: 9

Jeff Hagley earned his bachelors degree in Computer Networking and has 12 years of IT experience in the education field. Jeff started as a computer technician in a rural K12 school district working on instructional technology, including interactive whiteboards and multicast IPTV. Jeff joined Internet2 in 2006 as a system administrator focused on internal desktop support. Jeff is now responsible for managing Internet2’s IT operations team, including event and office networking.

How did you get involved in the field of advanced networking/technology?

I helped build a multicast IPTV solution for a rural K12 school. Through that work, I was introduced to Internet2 staff and realized it was a community I wanted to work in.

What is your favorite part of being a Network & Operations Manager?

My favorite part of my job is working with members of the community on the networks for Internet2 events. It is great to work with and learn from many of the best network engineers in the Internet2 community.

What story is indicative of the work you do for Internet2?

I help to run some of the systems and services that the Internet2 community uses for collaboration. The Internet2 eDial voice bridge, mailing lists, video conferences, and event connectivity are all important parts of how the Internet2 community interacts and  collaborates.