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Jay Jordan

Profile photo of Jay Jordan Title: Applications Analyst
Division: Chief Administrative Systems Office
Areas of Responsibility: Community CRM; meeting & events AV
Years in Advanced Technology: 4
Best Known For: Being a drummer

Jay received his bachelor’s in marketing with focuses in search marketing and information systems. He has worked with the technical services group in functions ranging from website content management, workflow development, and event media production. Jay’s team-based approach and relationship building skills are integral to his success in ensuring Internet2’s administrative activities are carried out as seamlessly and effectively as possible.

Where do you see the future of your field headed? At the end of the day, technology is relatively straightforward. Breakdowns in processes are hardly ever technological, but rather are from changes in human condition. People conferred with the space and flexibility to explore what is really going on is what drives technology forward. In our community, seeing and experiencing Internet2’s Global Summit and Technology Exchange events are proving to be the immensely valuable place to have at least one guaranteed touch point to share innovation and promote discovery.

What story is indicative of the work you do for Internet2? I was catching up with a friend in town, and was learning about his optical equipment development for astronomy research at the University of Michigan. He went on to describe the wide scope of his international collaboration, working with engineers in the United States, Czech Republic, and the UK. Completely unsolicited, he began praising the variety of services that enabled him to seamlessly travel and collaborate with researchers across the globe. Little did he know that earlier that year I helped onboard and set-up several of the new services he used at those institutions.

Who are collaborators that you respect most in the community and why?
Despite the entry of a variety of new authentication giants such as Facebook and Google, I still see our IAM community as enabling a true person-to-person, institution-to-institution trust fabric. The economies of scale of these behemoths isn’t everything, and our recognizing the value of localized resources and systems is critical to the spirit of research and education.