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Internet2 membership opens the door to an active community that accelerates research discovery, advances national and global education, and improves the delivery of public services.

The Internet2 community is a fabric woven of connections between countries, regions, states, institutions and individuals. Our ranks include leading U.S. universities, corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit networking organizations, as well as international partners. Email for more information.


For Affiliate and Industry members, Internet2 membership is divided into four levels (see below). A member’s level determines its annual membership dues and network participation fees.  Levels are based on annual operating budgets for Affiliate members, and annual revenues for Industry members. The annual Sustaining Contribution of Higher Education members is established on a scale-based approach (membership levels are no longer used for Higher Education members). Learn more about the scale-based method for Higher Education members. 

Level 1

Includes Affiliate members with annual operating budgets greater than $1 billion and Industry members with annual revenues greater than $1 billion.

Level 2

Includes Affiliate members with annual operating budgets equal to or greater than $500 million and less than $1 billion. Includes industry members with annual revenues greater than $500 million and less than $1 billion.

Level 3

Includes Affiliate members with annual operating budgets greater than $100 million and less than $500 million. Includes industry members with annual revenues greater than $10 million and less than $500 million. Level 3 also includes all Research and Education Network members.

Level 4

Includes Affiliate members with annual operating budgets less than $100 million and Industry members with annual revenues less than $10 million. This level of membership is primarily designed for small non-profit organizations and small industry start-ups.


Read more about the R&E Network Membership category

Internet2 members are categorized by organization type: Higher Education, Research and Education Network, Affiliate, Federal Affiliate, and Industry. Membership dues and network participation fees are determined by membership category and level for all categories except Higher Education, and by institutional scale factors for Higher Education members. Members also designate member representatives who work with Internet2 in a variety of different ways to ensure Internet2 membership delivers maximum value.

Higher Education

U.S. institutions of higher education are the core of Internet2’s membership.

Internet2 was brought into existence to address the need for U.S. higher education institutions to work together to design and provide mission-critical technology-mediated services required to advance all aspects of their academic and service missions. This continues to be vitally important today and into the foreseeable future.

The services implemented through Internet2 are such that no single institution could possibly provide them on its own and that no one other than the academic community itself will provide in the ways needed. The needs for these transformational services typically have been driven by the needs of advancing research, and this collaborative creation of services led mainly by research universities.

With the broadening of global-networked-digital-driven collaborative scholarship into all fields, Internet2 membership has broadened as well. Internet2 welcomes to its Higher Education membership any not-for-profit, postsecondary degree-granting institution of higher education that is (a) accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency as determined by the U.S. Secretary of Education, and (b) legally organized and chartered as a higher education institution in one of the U.S. states, districts, or territories, even if its principle location or campus for conducting its academic mission is not located in one of the U.S. states, districts, or territories.

Higher Education members are required to establish a connection to the Internet2 Network and encouraged to do this through a regional Research and Education Network member/connector. Higher Education members are also expected to remain in membership over time (a collaborative community needs durable members) and engage in Internet2 programs and services in multiple ways (i.e., not to join for just one reason or a single member benefit).

Higher Education members pay an annual Sustaining Contribution (SC) that represents a combination of membership dues and network participation fees. A member’s SC is determined by two institutional scale factors, research expenditures and total expenditures. Members or prospective members should contact to learn more about their SC and member benefits.

Higher Education member list

Research & Education Networks

Research and Education Networks include nonprofit organizations that are sub-state, state or multi-state in scope and have a principal mission to provide network infrastructure and services primarily to the research and education community. Read more about the R&E Network Membership category, including definition, fees and policies.

Research & Education Network member list


Non-profit organizations (excluding K-12 schools) that are research- and/or education-oriented, with a strong interest in Internet2’s mission and goals. They are committed to being an integral part of the collaborative community that supports Internet2’s mission and goals. Non-profit organizations wishing to access the Internet2 Network must execute a Network Participation Agreement and pay the Network Participation Fee as applicable.

Affiliate member list

Federal Affiliate

Federal government departments, agencies, laboratories and other like units. Internet2’s Federal Affiliates share in promoting and benefitting from Internet2’s mission and goals, and frequently are collaborators with Higher Education members, provide vitally important national data sources for scholarship, and have major research and scholarship efforts of their own.

Federal Affiliate member list


For-profit organizations that are committed to promoting the development and deployment of advanced research and education network applications and services and other applications and services developed and operated by Internet2, as well as those that utilize the Internet2 Network in the course of conducting research in collaboration with the Internet2 community. Internet2 Industry members make significant contributions to the Internet2 member community and share a commitment to its mission and goals.

Industry member list

Dues & Fees

Internet2 annual membership dues and network participation fees (NPF) vary by member category and participation level. Please contact if you have any questions about membership dues or network participation fees.

System membership arrangements are available to streamline Internet2 membership for multiple campuses belonging to the same system of higher education. Please contact for more information about the system membership option, as applicability and pricing vary depending on the characteristics of the system.

Fees for Higher Education members (dues and network participation fees) follow a scale-based model; membership "levels" are no longer used. Learn more about the scale-based method, or contact for information about Sustaining Contributions (SC) for individual institutions.

Federal agencies qualify as Affiliate members of Internet2, and the fees for federal Affiliate members follow the fees for other Affiliate members. However, as some federal agencies' memberships may be managed through department-level or multi-agency membership arrangements, parties interested in federal Affiliate rates are encouraged to contact with membership rate inquiries.

The following table provides Dues and Network Participation Fees for all categories and levels of members other than Higher Education and Federal Affiliates.

2020 Membership Dues and Fees

Category and Level Dues Network Participation Fees Total
1 $36,292 $28,078 $64,370
2 $32,661 $25,276 $57,937
3 $20,821 $16,171 $36,992
4 $6,092 $4,707 $10,799
Discontinued as of
2018; applies to
those existing in
$2,704 n/a $2,704
Research and Education Network
3 $14,178 n/a $14,178

For Higher Education memberships, please contact for information about Sustaining Contributions (SC) for individual institutions.

2019 Membership Dues and Fees can be found here.

2018 note regarding projected membership fees can be found here.

2020 note regarding scale-based fee model for Internet2 Higher Ed Members.



To request an application for Internet2 membership, please email Be sure to include the name of the interested organization and the name and contact information of the individual requesting the membership application. When you apply, you will be asked to designate several member representatives who will work with Internet2 to ensure that you always get the most from your membership.

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 membership. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!