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William "Bill" Kaufman

Profile photo of William Kaufman Title: Senior Project Manager, Integration and Architecture
Division: Trust & Identity, NET+ program
Areas of Responsibility: Delivery of software components and architecture, as well as project coordination for the NET+ program and Trust and Identity services
Years in Advanced Technology: 30+
Best Known For: Many of my colleagues know that I am a proud father and grandpa. Few know that I am also a black belt in Kaizen Karate.

Bill began his career as an Electrical Engineer programming automotive, resistance welding, and computer numerical controls.  He later had an opportunity to implement an OSI protocol test system and led the interoperability testing and 3-day deployment demonstrating OSI/MAP/TOP networking between over 40 organizations and more than 250 computers and factory floor devices called the Enterprise Networking Event 1988 International.  This resulted in Bill co-founding a software company, Open Networks Engineering, Inc. (ONE), that eventually produced middleware for emerging telecommunications devices produced by many vendors key to Internet2’s network today. Later on ONE was acquired and Bill moved on to serve in a number of technical management roles before joining Internet2 in 2016.

What is your proudest accomplishment in the Internet2 community?
Much of my time is spent working with community members in the development of the TIER technology. Together we got the idea to develop and present running demonstrations of the combined TIER components at Global Summit and the Technical Exchange conferences to illustrate TIER components’ applicability to community needs and it has been a big success.

Where do you see the future of your field headed?
I see the advancement and proliferation of Identity and Cloud Services as a fast-paced evolution that has many technical and business challenges, but is also key to the future of how everyday business is conducted. It’s great to be in the stream.

What is your biggest challenge as a project manager?
Internet2 has attracted many incredibly talented and knowledgeable people that respond to a large number of needs from our community. With the diversity and sheer number of good ideas, it can be daunting to swiftly and effectively facilitate the kinds of change that the community would like to see. 

Who are collaborators that you respect most in the community and why?
I have a huge amount of respect for our community members who split their time from their day jobs to contribute jointly with the Internet2 efforts and initiatives. We all benefit greatly from their contributions and expertise and the joint relationship is a very rewarding part of being Internet2.