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Internet2 Communications Management

Internet2 is a thriving community precisely because our members recognize that Internet2 exists to help the community accomplish those things we can achieve together that we could never accomplish as individual institutions. Our members have told us that they value being aware of what is going on with Internet2 and engaging with other members.  Internet2 uses a variety of electronic communications channels, but our principal form of outreach remains e-mail. 

E-mail Announcement Subscriptions
No matter your role, it’s likely that you will find value in all of the Internet2 email channels, so you are encouraged to try them all on for size.  When we’ve asked our members about communications, they have told us that (a) over-communicating is better than communicating too little, and (b) they’d like us to clearly identify Internet2 communications as to the source (Internet2) and topic. This way, they may quickly and easily filter those communications either manually or automatically. We’ve designed our communications around these recommendations.

To access and manage your email/communication preferences: 

Visit the Email Preferences Center (

•​​ NOTE: Consider refraining from selecting "Opt out from all email communications" – as this will remove you from ALL Internet2 announcement communications. Instead, consider managing your subscriptions to a lesser amount

Certain communications from Internet2 are necessary for business matters.  Individuals in key roles (e.g., Executive Liaisons; billing contacts) will not be able to remove themselves from the channels used for these business purposes due to the importance of these communications.

By visiting the Internet2 Email Preferences Center, you can manage the following subscriptions:

  • Community Update News: Internet2 community news and announcements, Network Corner features, latest network and technical updates, informative articles and blog posts.
  • Global Summit Event Info: Information on the Internet2 Global Summit—a leading forum to drive the advancement of research and education, spur next-generation innovation and accelerate global discovery.
  • Cloud News: Strategies and resources to deploy leading Cloud solutions directed by and customized for the research and education community.
  • Trust and Identity News: Strategies, resources and the latest news for the community-driven, consistent approach to trusted identity and access management at scale to advance inter-institutional collaboration and research. Includes a monthly Trust and Identity Newsletter with the latest InCommon Federation and TIER news (TIER is Trust and Identity in Education & Research).
  • Technology Exchange Event Info: Information on the Internet2 Technology Exchange—a premier technical event in the global R&E community—convening technology visionaries from around the U.S. and the globe.

E-mail Collaboration Lists
Because collaboration is a hallmark of the Internet2 community, many threaded collaboration email list subscriptions are available in these and more sub-categories. You can manage your subscriptions by visiting, signing in, with either InCommon Federation credentials or email address and password (if not an InCommon member) and clicking Manage Your Subscriptions.

Visit the List Management Site

  • Application
  • Corporate
  • E2E
  • Engineering
  • International
  • Middleware
  • MITC
  • Network
  • News and Media
  • Security
  • Technical
  • AdministrativeCloud
  • Others

If you have any questions about accessing or updating your information in our records, please send an email to