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The Internet2 organization is managed by an Executive Leadership Team. This dedicated and experienced group ensures that Internet2’s staff, resources and efforts are aligned to serve the needs and priorities of the community.

Internet2 is governed by a Board of Trustees that provides strategic direction, leadership and oversight. Additionally, Program Advisory Groups provide an essential channel of community input to advise and guide the creation and direction of Internet2 programs and services. Learn more about Internet2 governance.

Executive Leadership Team

Howard Pfeffer Howard Pfeffer
President & CEO
phone: +1 (202) 803-8963

David Gift David Gift
Associate Vice President, Community Engagement
phone: +1 (734) 352-4970

Paul Howell Paul Howell
Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer
phone: +1 (734) 352-4212

Ana Hunsinger Ana Hunsinger
Vice President, Community Engagement
phone: +1 (720) 379-9670

Glenn Lipscomb Glenn Lipscomb
Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications
phone: +1 (720) 379-9677

George Loftus George Loftus
Associate Vice President, Network Services
phone: +1 401-255-2484

John H. Moore John Moore
Associate Vice President, Research and Infrastructure Strategy
phone: +1 (434) 284-3990

John Morabito John Morabito
Vice President, External Relations & General Counsel
phone: +1 (202) 803-8982

Kevin M. Morooney Kevin M. Morooney
Vice President, Trust & Identity Services
phone: +1 (202) 899-3233

Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy
Chief Administrative & Systems Officer
phone: +1 (202) 803-8986

Jay Pflasterer Jay Pflasterer
Chief Financial Officer
phone: +1 (734) 352-7019

Rob Vietzke Rob Vietzke
Vice President, Network Services
phone: +1 860 471 8734

Picture - Ann West, Associate Vice President, Trust & Identity Ann West
Associate Vice President, Trust & Identity
phone: +1 (720) 379-9666

Steven Zoppi Steven Zoppi
Associate Vice President, Services Integration & Architecture
phone: +1 (510) 858-0884