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2013 Rose Award Winner: Louis Fox

Louis Fox

Louis Fox, President and Chief Executive Officer at CENIC

The Richard Rose Award was established to recognize extraordinary individual contributions that extend the reach of advanced networking into the K20 community. The award focuses on efforts to extend advanced networking and applications from research universities to the broadest education community, including primary and secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, zoos, aquariums, performing arts and cultural centers, America's "anchor institutions."

The 2013 winner, Louis Fox, serves as president and chief executive officer at CENIC. Prior to joining CENIC in February 2012, Fox spent 25 years spearheading efforts to bring advanced network-enabled technology into the service of teaching and learning, across the education continuum, as a faculty member, researcher, and senior administrator at the University of Washington. As Vice Provost for University-Community Partnerships, Fox conceived of and led a diverse range of initiatives that have helped transform how the University of Washington contributes to the education and welfare of people locally, regionally, and around the world.

Beginning in 2001, Louis served for a decade as the founding director of Internet2's national K20 Initiative, which brings together over 66,000 K-12 schools, libraries, museums, community colleges, and baccalaureate institutions via state and regional R&E networks and the Internet2 network.

At the request of former Washington Governor Gary Locke, Louis developed and led the Digital Learning Commons (DLC), as founding president and chief executive officer, from its inception in 2003 until 2005. The DLC was created to improve access to online educational opportunities and learning resources to all students in Washington State.

Louis contributed significantly to the creation of the Washington K-20 Educational Telecommunications Network, which now serves nearly all of the K-12 school districts, public library systems, state-funded community and technical colleges, and baccalaureate institutions in the state, by helping frame the effort as an educational project designed to address significant needs across multiple K-20 constituencies, not simply as a technology implementation project.

As president and chief executive officer of CENIC, Fox is currently working with the California Library Association, California State Library, and other library stakeholders to amend the California Library Services Act to enable public libraries to more fully participate in the services CENIC delivers.