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2011 Rose Award Winner: Randy Stout

Randy Stout Randy Stout, Research and Development Coordinator, Kan-ed

The Richard Rose Award was established to recognize extraordinary individual contributions that extend the reach of advanced networking into the K20 community. The award focuses on efforts to extend advanced networking and applications from research universities to the broadest education community, including primary and secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, zoos, aquariums, performing arts and cultural centers, America's "anchor institutions."

The 2011 RIchard Rose Award Winner, Randy Stout, is the Research and Development Coordinator for the Kansas Board of Regents, Kan-Ed. Stout serves as a program officer for a series of Kan-ed award programs to stimulate interest in and use of the Internet2 Network by K-12 and other community anchor institutions. Stout's work has stimulated creative use of the network across the state of Kansas by teachers and other educators as well as contributed state-of-the-art equipment to individual schools, libraries, and hospitals. Stout has also been instrumental in facilitating the development of multiple successful state-wide proposals to bring funding to community anchor institutions that enable their use of the Internet2 Network, and access to advanced applications in the delivery of their services to the public.

Further, Stout has played a critical role in facilitating and championing the K20 Initiative activities in the entire Great Plains Network region. His commitment to collaborations across institutions and regional networks has resulted in innovative collaborative opportunities for educators and students that are solidly grounded in the curriculum. Stout has been instrumental in the development of the GPN interactive videoconference series featuring the Midwest's National Park Service sites and several other unique content programs.

Within the Internet2 community, Stout has played an important leadership role within the K20 Initiative, working to extend advanced networking and applications from research universities to the broadest education community, including K-12 schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, and other cultural, artistic, and scientific organizations. Stout served as the founding chair of the K20 Initiative Advisory Committee and currently sits on the Applications, Middleware, and Services Advisory Council (AMSAC).