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Rose-Werle Award

Recognizing leadership in Advanced Networking for Community Anchor Institutions

The Rose-Werle Award recognizes extraordinary individual contributions to extending the reach of advanced networking from research universities to the broadest education community, including primary and secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, and other cultural, artistic, historic, and scientific organizations throughout the United States.

Richard Rose Background: The award is named in honor of Richard Rose (1947-2007) and James Werle (1971-2018), early contributors to and leaders in the national Internet2 K20 Initiative, now part of the Internet2 Community Anchor Program (CAP). 

Richard Rose was executive director of the University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System (UMATS) and the University System of Maryland (USM) Office of Information Technology. He was a tireless advocate for extending the Internet2 Network to all students in the U.S. to broaden and deepen opportunities in learning, scholarship, and science. Richard Rose was, and remains, an inspiration to the entire Internet2 Community Anchor Program community.

James Werle was executive director of the Community Anchor Program. Werle worked tirelessly over many years to help schools and libraries understand the benefits of advanced technologies and how they can be used to help improve teaching and learning. His experiences included engaging rural and tribal libraries across the nation to help them improve their community broadband services and support their broadband infrastructure needs. He also helped develop interactive web content for the benefit of teachers and students in the United States. James Werle embodied the true spirit of Internet2.

Recipients: Each year, the Rose-Werle Award honors an individual with a demonstrable impact on the formal and informal education community by extending advanced networking, content, and services to this broad array of institutions and constituents. The individual is a leader with the capacity to bring together diverse communities around common goals and projects and has a record of accomplishments in the Internet2 Community Anchor Program community.

Nominations: In order to nominate someone, please submit a letter or recommendation illustrating the nominee's contributions to the goals of the Internet2 Community Anchor Program to Stephanie Stenberg at by Friday, February 21. Your remarks should be organized in a way that allows the Committee to easily identify the judging attributes of commitment, innovation, modeling and support of the CAP mission. You are welcome to resubmit past nominations. Supporting letters from multiple community anchor institutions helps strengthen the nomination. In your nomination please consider including information such as:

  • How has this person demonstrated a commitment to the mission and goals of the Internet2 Community Anchor Program?
  • Is this person recognized as an innovator and why? Describe the innovative approaches this person has taken in their community.
  • Is this person recognized for leadership qualities and mentoring of others? Give examples.