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Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Scholarships

Apply for the Inclusivity Initiative Scholarships

The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Steering Committee provides support for emerging information technology women professionals to attend Internet2 technical conferences, thereby supporting their entry into the information technology field.

For this purpose, the Committee created the Inclusivity Initiative Scholarship, to be granted at each major Internet2 community conference—both the Global Summit and Technology Exchange. From 2014-2018, the Inclusivity Initiative Award in Recognition of Carrie Regenstein, was presented at the Technology Exchange meetings.

Inclusivity Initiative Award

The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Steering Committee started granting this scholarship on an annual basis beginning with the 2014 Internet2 Technology Exchange meeting. The award covers reasonable travel expenses and conference registration consistent with Internet2 travel policies.

Scholarship Parameters

  • Scholarship will be awarded to a woman, including graduate students, working/studying at an Internet2 member organization (higher education, research and education networks, affiliate, and industry) and attending her first Internet2 event.
  • Grant monies will be applied to registration fees, transportation and housing costs, consistent with Internet2 travel policies.
  • The awardee will be invited to attend the 2020 Internet2 Global Summit. One or more mentor(s) will be chosen to accompany the awardee to help with session selections during the meeting, and to ensure that the awardee has ample opportunity to interact with professionals attending.
  • Although showing financial need is not required, consideration will be given to those showing need for financial support to attend.

Application Process

Deadline: Nominations are now closed for Global Summit 2020.

  • To submit an application, please fill out the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Scholarship form (no nominations are being accepted at this time).
  • Applicants may self nominate or be nominated by professionals from within their institutions. The following information should be included in the application:
    • Applicant's name and contact information, including name of Internet2 member institution where applicant is currently working.
    • For student applicants, the name of their institution and duration of study.
    • Brief personal statement (1-2 pages) showing the value and potential impact of the scholarship on the applicant's future career aspirations.
    • A brief statement (1-2 pages) of support from a senior administrator (CIO or Dean) at the applicant's institution.
  • The awardee will be required to submit a post-participation report, articulating how the experience has benefitted her.

Inclusivity Initiative Award in Recognition of Carrie Regenstein

The inaugural Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Award in Recognition of Carrie Regenstein was presented at the 2014 Internet2 Technology Exchange in honor of Carrie Regenstein, retired Associate Vice Provost for Computing Services at Carnegie Mellon University. Upon Carrie’s retirement, the InCommon Steering Committee suggested that an award be established in recognition of Carrie’s service as the first chair of the InCommon Steering Committee. This award was a natural match with the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Steering Committee goals.

Carrie's path began as an academic technologist to becoming a leader in the InCommon program because of what it could enable on her campus and in all of higher education. For this reason, consideration was given to a woman recognized as a “generalist,” that is, an integrator, whose focus was on the use of technology to serve the faculty, staff and students of her institution. As with other Inclusivity Awards, a special goal of the awardee’s attendance at the Technology Exchange was to make a difference by bringing back new technology ideas and strategies to her institution.

The recognition of Carrie's service through the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Award in Recognition of Carrie Regenstein gave five women, one in each of the years from 2014 to 2018, the opportunity to attend the Internet2 Technology Exchange. Carrie attended each of these events and served as a mentor to each of the awardees. Internet2 is grateful to Carrie for all her hard work and support over the years. We appreciate the time she spent and advice she provided to each of the awardees. Thank you, Carrie!