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President and CEO

Internet2 seeks a dynamic leader able to engage its many constituencies in fostering the innovation, collaboration, and scientific discovery that has become the cornerstone of the Internet2 research and education community, and helped to revolutionize the national and international research and learning environment. 

Internet2 is a member-driven, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, incorporated for the purpose of promoting research and education in the United States.  It represents an advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996.  It also provides a collaborative environment for U.S. research and education organizations to solve shared technology challenges and develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research, and community service missions. 

Internet2 operates the nation’s largest and fastest coast-to-coast research and education network.  Internet2 serves 317 U.S. universities, 70 government agencies, 43 regional and state education networks, and 80 leading corporations, and with the regional connectors, it also reaches more than 93,000 community anchor institutions.  In addition, Internet2 works with more than 65 international national research and education networking partners and trust federations representing more than 100 countries.  The current major programs within Internet2 include the National Research and Education Network, Integrated Trust and Identity Platform and Services, Membership and Program Initiatives, and Cloud-based Services, Standards, Architecture, and Integration. 

The President and CEO serves on behalf of the Internet2 membership community as the chief executive.  In partnership with the Board of Trustees and the executive leadership team, the President and CEO is responsible for helping to establish and foster the vision and direction of the organization and has ultimate responsibility for its success.  Together, the President and CEO and the organization’s governance ensures the fulfillment of Internet2’s mission, Internet2’s relevance to the membership, and the accountability of Internet2 to its constituencies.

The Internet2 Board delegates responsibility for management and day-to-day operations to the President and CEO, who is accountable for the development and execution of the various plans, programs, and budgets adopted by the Board.  Internet2 has 135 staff members, including contractors and assigned personnel from member institutions.  The main offices are located in Ann Arbor, MI, Washington, DC, Denver, CO, Emeryville, CA, and West Hartford, CT, with satellite offices in Brooklyn, NY and Newport, RI.  In total, Internet2 has employees in 16 states across the U.S., some of whom work remotely.

Candidate Profile 

The successful candidate will have a record of outstanding leadership in his/her field, excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to build and sustain strategic government partnerships, and a global perspective.  Candidates will demonstrate innovative and responsive leadership of a complex enterprise with varied constituencies of diverse needs.  An in-depth understanding of advanced networking, emerging information technologies, and the changing needs of the research and education community is expected.  It is also essential that the President and CEO is a person of high integrity who demonstrates and models the highest personal and professional ethics.

The next President and CEO should possess the following characteristics:


  • Be an inspiring leader who can bring together key stakeholders to develop a shared, ambitious vision for the Internet2 organization that is compelling and resonates across the Internet2 community.
  • In times when the lines between commodity services and specialized activities within the R&E community are being blurred, demonstrate the ability to create even higher value within the community’s ecosystem of networks that can distinguish Internet2 and regional networks from the rest of the telecommunications industry.
  • Articulate enthusiastically and persuasively the goals, aspirations, and value of an institution to internal and external audiences.
  • Be a strategic and analytical thinker, able to anticipate and adapt to current and future opportunities and challenges.  

Financial Discipline

  • Ability to manage operating budgets in excess of $70M and capital projects in excess of $100M.
  • Superbly steward resources in a lean financial environment.
  • Create business plans and strategies that address financial needs of the organization, while responding to economic factors faced by the members.
  • Possess strong business acumen.

Relationship and Partnership Builder

  • Partner effectively across national and international academic, industry, and government leaders.
  • Understand the value of building strong relationships and be intentional about doing so.
  • Be able to confront and resolve relationship issues.
  • Have the ability to build new, diverse partnerships (e.g., corporate).
  • Possess a proven track record of bringing diverse communities together to develop and implement successful outcomes.
  • Have ties to the Regional Research and Education Network community.

Collaborative with Community

  • Have an orientation towards making the members’ agenda the Internet2 agenda.
  • Recognize the priority of helping the Internet2 members be successful.
  • Recognize that a community ecosystem exists that relies on cooperation of individual campus institutions, regional networks, and the national R&E backbone to be collectively successful in the community’s mission to serve scientific and academic advancements.
  • In the pursuit of a balanced ecosystem, be able to help establish a governance model that creates a stronger link between advisory groups and the Board.
  • Have strong ties to the CIOs within the largest research universities in the country.

Management Experience

  • Ability to manage organizations of 100+ employees.
  • Ability to consolidate operations across multiple lines of business and geographical areas.
  • Practice good stewardship of shared resources.
  • Be able to build and maintain a high-performing Internet2 team, and be comfortable with delegating authority.
  • Have executive-level experience with technology management, including contracts, large complex budgets, and strategic planning.
  • Bring ideas and a commitment to building a strong, healthy culture focused on service excellence, partnership, and customer service.
  • Model, promote, and expect trust and accountability among all levels of the organization.

Engagement in the Research Community

  • Have existing ties to the research community in both the computational and computer science domains.
  • Build and maintain relationships and garner resources from federal government and other sources.
  • Be able to establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy Office of Science, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and other federal R&D agencies active in this field as well as their respective communities.
  • Be capable of developing an engaged and visible research council (including a few members of National Academy caliber joined by some strong mid-career faculty) and delivering on some of its key recommendations as an initial step towards a more effective working relationship with the research community.

Listener and Communicator

  • Be highly engaging.
  • Act as an exceptional listener.
  • Communicate succinctly, tactfully, and ably.

Technical and Educational Background

  • Strong high performance computing background
  • Strong network background
  • Advanced degrees preferred

The confidential search process is underway and will continue until the position is filled. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and references to the address below before February 24, 2017. Nominations, applications, inquiries, expressions of interest, and requests for a more detailed Position Specification should be directed, in confidence, preferably electronically, to:

Attn: Eric Sigurdson and John Farish
Russell Reynolds Associates
155 North Wacker Drive, Suite 4100
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 312-993-0733

Internet2 is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and equal opportunity employer.