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Trust and Identity in Education and Research

  • Internet2 Trust and Identity Framework at Amazing State University

    Watch this “whiteboard video” to see how Internet2's trust and identity framework—including community-developed infrastructure services like InCommon and TIER—allows higher education institutions to offer amazing collaborative experiences, run more efficient and secure IT operations, share improved administrative practices, and enable incredible discoveries.

  • TIER: Building Trusted Access for Science, Scholarship, & Education

    In this video, trust and identity experts discuss the vision and goals behind the Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) initiative—aiming to enhance collaboration, privacy, and security for the R&E community.

  • Trust and Identity in Education and Research

    Trust and Identity solutions developed and provided by the Internet2 community already provide a secure bridge to research and education resources and experience for over eight million people.

    Internet2’s Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) initiative aims to build on and extend these investments, integrate existing community-developed solutions and enable participants to better provide and access services, both on- and off-campus.

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The TIER Production Candidate Release is available

See the wiki for details and download instructions

"We view TIER as a coordinated approach to enable trust and identity in education and research at scale for thousands of institutions and service providers while also satisfying diverse local use cases."

—Ron Kraemer, Vice President and CIDO, University of Notre Dame

Internet2’s Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) program is a community-driven consistent approach to identity and access management. TIER aims to simplify campus processes and advance inter-institutional collaboration and research.

TIER was established to

  • Sustain the investment the community has made in developing a set of critically important identity-related software components;
  • Integrate them together with common APIs, data structures, development and release practices and schedules, and facilitative and flexible deployment packaging;
  • Extend their features to support the common functionality in the set of the campus contributed use cases.

TIER is both an open-source toolset and a campus practice set.

The toolset builds on and extends investments already made in identity and access management services and software, enhancing and simplifying their deployment. TIER delivers a packaged suite of components (Shibboleth Identity Provider, Grouper, and COmanage) with a set of APIs to provide consistency and flexibility. The TIER software will have a regular integration and release schedule. The components will be packaged and released (initially) as virtual machine images that have been fashioned from preconfigured Docker containers to work well together in the context of the InCommon Federation.

Just as important as this integration is the creation of a long-term model for sustainable support and development. TIER institutions are creating and adopting a community-defined set of practices to ensure a common approach to providing access to resources for researchers, faculty, staff, and students.



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TIER Overview

TIER Software and Practice Components

TIER 101 (links to wiki)

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