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Internet2 NET+

  • Internet2 NET+: Research and Education's Cloud

    Shel Waggener updates the 2014 Internet2 Global Summit audience on the latest developments in Internet2 NET+ cloud services, and fills in some details on the turnkey cloud implementation model for R&E with $200M in operating benefit among current adopters.

  • Milestones in the Cloud Services Lifecycle

    Each Internet2 NET+ service passes through its own lifecycle—marked by a series of phases.

    With sponsorship by members, subscription by members and through regional partners, designed with participating NRENs, Internet2 cloud services are designed for global scale and maximum R&E benefit.

  • Cloud Services & Applications

    Leveraging the Internet2 Network and enabling services like InCommon federated identity management, the Internet2 NET+ Services team is developing a portfolio of cloud service offerings that bring real value to Internet2 members.

    The goal? To create services that are cost-effective, easy to access, simple to administer, and tailored to the unique needs of our community.

  • CloudProud

    Leveraging the cloud successfully requires a lot more than the right technology. It requires the development of a whole range of skills, the adoption of best practices, the implementation of important processes, and training in things like risk contracts...

    There's a lot more to this cloud business than meets the eye. But you're not in it alone. We're here to help! Just email

From next-generation Internet technology to next-generation cloud technology

After the Internet we know today was commercialized in the early 1990s, Internet2 was founded by a small group of higher education institutions working together to envision—and ultimately deliver—a different future for what was arguably the era’s most important technology: Internet networking. By connecting research and education (R&E) institutions over advanced networks, a “better Internet network” was envisioned—in fact, a next-generation one—and appropriately named Internet2.

Dedicated to the unique needs of researchers and educators everywhere, Internet2 was established to open up the operations and development of this dedicated Internet network to the R&E community’s best and brightest. A new kind of “open network” was born—one that could be optimally tuned for all, by all. This massive “team optimization” of the Internet2 Network by members now totaling 400-plus leading organizations has provided a multiplier effect for advanced network technology only afforded by open collaboration on an open platform. Today, R&E is extending our community’s heritage of advanced networking excellence to the cloud, aiming for nothing short of the same kind of transformational effects—“a better cloud” for R&E, in fact, a next-generation one: Internet2 NET+. If the previous track record is any indication, R&E’s transformational effects on cloud applications promises to redefine the way scientific research and university business is done and how education is delivered. Again.

“The Internet2 NET+ Initiative isn’t a technology solution, it's a portfolio of solutions that enables the research and education community to work in a new way.”

—Shel Waggener, Internet2 Senior Vice President

By applying the same open principles and community synergies that guided the creation of the Internet2 Network, the Internet2 NET+ initiative is creating a unified, integrated portfolio of cloud and trust solutions, blending both commercial services and community offerings. Using the infrastructure facilities of the Internet2 Network and the federated authentication and authorization services available through Internet2’s InCommon*, leaders have a dynamic and tailored technology toolkit to address new needs and challenges head-on.

Through Internet2 NET+, members collectively identify and vet community and industry cloud solutions that are (or could be) effective in meeting campus challenges, and have the potential to scale to benefit all member institutions’ teaching, learning and research needs. Through a series of increasingly rigorous tests and focused service phases, members closely evaluate the viability of each proposed solution. Each service has its own lifecycle, and service phases mark the progress of each from idea through availability, and even on to retirement, when necessary.

About Internet2 NET+ presentation title slide

Those services that pass the rigorous evaluation are made available to all member institutions. Standard legal agreements are created for turnkey implementation by any member institution—and aggregating the demand of the Internet2 membership provides the best possible standard pricing and terms. When a service has passed through the process, members can rest assured that the output is a high-value, collegially vetted, turnkey cloud solution that’s simple to access and administer, and tailored to the unique needs of R&E.

But we know that success in the cloud involves a whole lot more than just choosing one or more services that do what you need them to do. A whole new range of related activities is required, and the development of a new range of skills that will ensure your campus can take full advantage of these new, innovative services. That's where our CloudProud program comes in. You’re not in it alone. Learn what’s involved from your R&E colleagues who’ve been there before you.

We invite you to learn how you can enable completely new levels of collaboration for your organization with cloud and trust solutions that scale—not just institutionally, but nationally and globally.

If you have any questions about the Internet2 NET+ Initiative, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is available.

*Note that InCommon participation is required for most services.