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Program Advisory Groups

As a member-owned technology community, Internet2 must ensure that its resources and efforts are used to benefit community members and advance their research, education and service missions. Program Advisory Groups (PAGs) provide an essential channel of community input to advise and guide the creation and direction of Internet2 programs and services. The following PAGs are currently active.

Trust and Identity

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External Relations

The primary purpose of the External Relations PAG (ERPAG) is to advise Internet2 management on public policy matters and strategic planning relevant to the Internet2 community. These responsibilites may include, but are not limited to:

  • Recommending public policy projects and priorities
  • Assisting with the development of domestic and international public policies
  • Reviewing Internet2 advocacy materials
  • Analyzing rules, legislation, and other matters impacting Internet2
  • Informing Internet2 on the role of commercial service providers
  • Facilitating communications between Internet2 and the research and education community
  • Engaging in external advocacy
  • Helping recruit expert volunteers for Internet2 initiatives or projects

Internet2 executive liaison: John Morabito, Vice President of External Affairs and General Counsel
Internet2 staff liaisons: Danielle Rodier, Director of Government Relations;
Matt Hall, External Relations Program Coordinator

Member Affiliation Title
Jarret Cummings EDUCAUSE Director of Policy and External Relations
John Evans Evans Telecommunications, Inc. CEO & Chairman
John Gillispie MORENet Executive Director
Pamela Hollick Level 3 Associate General Counsel
Tim Lance NYSERNet President
Bruce Maas University of Wisconsin-Madison CIO
Ashley Miller NACUA Assistant Director of Legal Resources
Brian T. Nichols Louisiana State University CIO
George Thoma National Institutes of Health Researcher
John Vaughn AAU Executive Officer
Doug Wasitis Indiana University Dir of Federal Relations
Gordon Wishon Arizona State University CIO

Community Engagement

Community Engagement (CE) PAG provides advice to Internet2 on community engagement and events, member programs, marketing and communications, giving input on benefits and the value of Internet2 membership.

The CE-PAG plays a key role in keeping Internet2 responsive and helping to ensure that we are "way out in front" in terms of the benefits and value proposition for Internet2 members.

Internet2 executive liaison: Ana Hunsinger, Vice President, Community Engagement
Internet2 staff liaisons: David Gift, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement
Gigi Youngblood, Executive Assistant, Community Engagement

Member Affiliation Title
Mark Askren University of Nebraska --Lincoln CIO
Brice Bible University of Buffalo at The State University of New York (SUNY) CIO
Carrie Rampp Franklin and Marshall College CIO
Theresa Rowe Oakland University CIO
Sam Segran Texas Tech University CIO
John (Jack) Suess University of Maryland-Baltimore County CIO

Internet2 NET+

The NET+ PAG provides community input and guidance to the creation and direction of our NET+ programs and services.  Comprised of leading academic member institutions as well as two regional program representatives, the group serves as the community body providing guidance on the size, makeup, technology standards, and financial objectives of the NET+ portfolio of services.

Internet2 executive liaison:  Shel Waggener, Sr. Vice President, NET+ Services
Internet2 staff liaisons: Elaine Alejo, Executive Assistant to Sr. Vice President, NET+ Services

Member Affiliation Title
Michael Corn University of California, San Diego CISO
David Dennis Merit Executive Director
Ron Kraemer University of Notre Dame VP IT/CIO
Michele Norin Rutgers University Sr. VP/CIO
Pattie Orr Baylor University VP IT/Dean of University Libraries
Tracy Schroeder Boston University CIO
Oren Sreebny University of Chicago Sr Director for Emerging Technologies and Communications in IT Services
John (Jack) Suess University of Maryland-Baltimore County VP IT/CIO
Dennis Walsh OARNet Chief Relationship Officer
Brad Wheeler Indiana University VP IT/CIO
Gordon Wishon Arizona State University CIO
Sue Workman Case Western Reserve University VP IT/CIO

Network Architecture, Operations and Policy (NAOP)

The NAOPpag provides strategic advice to Internet2 executive leadership on all aspects of designing, operating, sustaining and coordinating advanced network services that support the requirements and aspirations of the Internet2 community for advanced global end-to-end network capabilities.

Internet2 executive liaison: Rob Vietzke, Vice President, Network Services
Internet2 staff liaisons: Linda Roos, Sr. Director, Service Implementation & Retention;
Kathleen Kay, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Network Services

Member Affiliation Title
Celeste Anderson University of Southern California Director, External Networking Group
Roy Campbell University of Illinois Professor Computer Science
Doug Carlson New York University Chief Technology Operations Office (CTOO)
Dee Childs Texas A & M University Vice President, Information Technology & CIO
James Deaton OneNet Chief Technology Officer (NTAC Rep)
William Deigaard Rice University Director, Networking, Telecommunications & Data Center Operations
Wendy Huntoon KINBER

President & CEO

Harvey Newman California Institute of Technology Professor of Physics
Michele Norin Rutgers University Sr. Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Jim Stewart Utah Education Network IT Director, UEN Technical Services
Marc Wallman North Dakota State University Vice President -- Information Technology


Internet2 executive liaison: Steve Wolff, Principal Scientist
Internet2 staff liaison: Giselle Trent, Project Manager/Executive Assistant to the CTO

Member Affiliation Title
John Kolb, Chair Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute CIO
Graça Carvalho Cisco Industry
Dave Farber Carnegie Mellon University Researcher
Dennis Gannon Microsoft Industry
David Halstead NRAO Researcher
Beverly Hartline Montana Tech of the University of Montana Research Executive
Marc Hoit North Carolina State University CIO
Wendy Huntoon, Co-Chair 3ROX Regional
Kazunori Konishi KDDI Industry
Lonnie Leger LONI Regional
Cliff Lynch CNI Appointed
Yan Ma Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications Researcher
Dave Pokorney Florida LambdaRail Regional
Don Preuss NCBI Researcher
Alan Sill Texas Tech University Researcher
Michael Stanton RNP NREN
Jennifer Schopf Indiana University International Liaison
Ty Znati University of Pittsburgh Researcher


The CINO PAG is the group of leaders of the Innovation Working Groups in the Collaborative Innovation Community sponsored by the Chief Innovation Office. These Innovation Working Groups include Distributed Big Data & Analytics, End to End Trust and Security, and the Internet of Things. Together the CINO PAG guides the focus areas, events, member communication, open collaborative innovation and Collaborative Innovation Community development in partnership with the Chief Innovation Office.

Internet2 executive liaison: Florence Hudson, Sr. Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer
Internet2 staff liaisons: Emily Nichols, Innovation Program Manager, Giselle Trent, Executive Assistant to the Sr. Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Member Affiliation Title
Edward Aractingi Marshall University Assistant Vice President for Information Technology/Deputy CIO
Mark Cather University of Maryland, Baltimore County Chief Information Security Officer
Alex Feltus Clemson University Associate Professor
Marc Hoit North Carolina State University Vice Chancellor, Information Technology & CIO
Kenneth Miller Pennsylvania State University Network Systems Engineer
J. Scot Ransbottom Virginia Tech IT Chief of Staff and Deputy CIO
Brian Stengel University of Pittsburgh Staff, Office of the CIO
Donna Tatro Princeton University Associate CIO and Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services
Raj Veeramani University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor and Executive Director, UW Internet of Things Lab
Sam Gustman University of Southern California Associate Dean and CTO