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Member Focused, Member Led

Internet2 is governed by members of the Internet2 community. Individuals helping to provide the strategic direction, leadership and oversight for Internet2 include university presidents, chancellors, CIOs, industry and regional networking representatives, and researchers from the networking and discipline communities. As one university CIO, Jim Bottum of Clemson University, says, “Internet2 is us.”

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees—which includes four standing committees, as well as special committees—provides strategic direction, leadership and oversight for Internet2. In 2006, the Board created the Internet2 Governance and Nominations Committee (GNC) to provide recommendations on improving governance. The GNC proposed a new board structure to better represent the diverse membership of Internet2, and the Board approved and implemented those recommendations.

In addition to providing seats for university presidents, the Board now includes representation from chief information officers, network researchers, discipline researchers, and industry partners.

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Program Advisory Groups

These groups provide an essential channel of community input to advise and guide the creation and direction of Internet2 programs and services.

Read more about the individuals involved in Internet2’s five active PAGs.

Nominations & Election Process

The nominations and election process begins with an open call for nominations. All members of the community are invited to submit names for consideration. Nominees for the constituency-based seats must be from an Internet2 member organization.

The GNC then assembles the ballot with representatives from each membership constituency (CIO, network research, discipline research, industry).

For Board elections, the president or chancellor of the university, or designated constituency representative from Internet2 member organizations or institutions in good standing, will be the persons who cast the vote on behalf of that organization. For Advisory Council elections, voting is restricted to only those eligible to vote for the various constituencies, as defined by membership type.

Elections are managed by the GNC and the results are verified by an independent auditor.