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Research Funding Support

Research Funding Support

Helping you fulfill your research mission is our bottom line. And that means we want to help you with your bottom line, too.

Need an advocate with a funding agency, a Letter of Collaboration, a report for a government agency or representative, grant consultation or assistance? Internet2 stands ready to help our members succeed.

Helping you fulfill your research mission is our bottom line.

Internet2 supports member research through:

  • Advocacy with and representation in funding agencies. Internet2 helps shape new solicitations, leading to discretionary support on behalf of member research.
  • Provision of formal Letters of Collaboration per year that illustrate specific aspects of Internet2’s support of and involvement with key projects.
  • Preparation of white papers and reports to agencies and government representatives.
  • Consultation and assistance with grant preparation, and strategic planning on potential paths for collaboration.
  • Coordination of funded workshops, bringing the community together on key issues.

Letters of Collaboration

Internet2 provides assistance for proposals being submitted by members to funding agencies. In addition to providing technical consultation regarding network architecture and access to resources, we also offer confidential proposal advice and review, as well as formal Letters of Collaboration for solicitations that require or allow these. Because funding agencies are increasingly limiting such letters to those committing to direct collaboration or provision or resources (most agencies no longer accept Letters of Support), any requests for Letters of Collaboration must refer only to projects in which Internet2 will be a direct collaborator or a provider of dedicated resources.

Please provide the following information when making a request:

  • The Principal Investigator’s name, address, email address and title;
  • The proposal’s title, designation of proposal category, and a reference to the funding program;
  • A rough draft of the proposal narrative (not the project summary or abstract); and
  • A list of Internet2 services or infrastructure the project would use and the specific role Internet2 will be expected to play (including any provision of dedicated resources or effort).

For requests that may involve new infrastructure, project-specific engineering or consulting, please check with us well in advance of the deadline so we can discuss what is nominally available and what represents a special project.

We encourage you to submit your request for letters at least one week before the solicitation deadline, in order to ensure the strongest and most detailed support we can provide. Requests for proposal draft review should be submitted at least two weeks before the proposal deadline in order to allow sufficient time for detailed feedback. We cannot guarantee letters for requests submitted on or after two business days before the solicitation deadline. If you have any questions regarding Letters of Collaboration or proposal review, please contact Nili Tannenbaum at or at

Sponsored Research Opportunities

As external support for sponsored research becomes increasingly harder to obtain, Internet2 members can benefit from assistance in identifying collaborators, technical expertise on grants, and the neutral collaborative stance offered by the Internet2 organization. While members would certainly pursue sponsored research opportunities independently, they turn to Internet2 for advocacy, collaboration, and demonstration of support in order to illustrate the unique benefits offered by our organization. Internet2 collaborations involve unique uses of Internet2 advanced networks, resources, and services (such as HOPI, technical collaboration, network research, performance measurement, data storage, security, middleware, and others) available to our community. Our collaborations encompass a broad range of discipline areas, including high-energy physics, and other key areas of science and engineering; the health sciences; network research and performance measurement; middleware and security; and the arts and humanities.

How Internet2 Can Help

Internet2 provides flexible service to our members, informed strategic advice, and effective pre- and post-award project management. As a result of our many successful member funding collaborations:

  • Internet2’s inventory of externally funded research collaborations has quadrupled its number of funded proposals, increased the volume of submitted proposals by over six-fold, and achieved a funding success hit rate of over 53%
  • This growth has been accompanied by an increase in the number of collaborating members (now exceeding 50 organizations) and scope of funding agencies (including NSF, NIH, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, National Endowment for the Humanities, and Carnegie Foundation of New York)
  • Internet2 is the subawardee on many awards, and we redistribute at least 70% of any sponsored research revenue we receive to our members, and contribute cost-sharing routinely

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