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Service Phases

Milestones in the Cloud Service Lifecycle

Before Internet2 NET+ services are offered to the research and education (R&E) community, they are put through a series of increasingly rigorous tests, bringing them closer and closer to production. Those that pass the tests are made available to all eligible institutions. Each service has its own lifecycle, and these NET+ service phases mark the progress of each service from idea through availability, and on to possible retirement.

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This is where things usually start. A campus has a particularly troublesome challenge; or a provider has a cloud-based service that could be used to solve a common need of the broader R&E community. Either of these scenarios just might present the perfect opportunity to develop a valuable service offering.

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Internet2, service provider and university study an offering to determine whether it is suited to be a Internet2 NET+ Service offering.

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Service Validation

A sponsor and group of universities work with the service provider and Internet2 to define the NET+ service.

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Early Adopter

Universities begin using the NET+ service and continue working with Internet2 and the service provider to develop it further.

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General Availability

The NET+ service is open to eligible universities. Quarterly Advisory Board meetings continue to inform the service roadmap.

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This phase marks the end of the lifecycle, when a service is in the process of moving out of NET+ availability, and ongoing subscriptions sunset at the end of existing terms or twelve months, whichever is later.

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Research Incubator

Working on creating something internally, with another campus, or with a commercial partner that isn't even a production service yet, but you want the community to know it's underway? This phase is a research-driven activity to incubate very early stage solutions and technical concepts with a view toward possible service creation.