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Merit VirtualDataCenters

Service Type:
Infrastructure & Platform Services
Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Member
Andrew Keating

Benefits of Merit VirtualDataCenters

  • Customize each virtual server to meet your specific needs, choosing the computing capacity and storage capabilities.
  • You can set up your virtual server to have the desired operating system and needed applications.
  • Easily move your data within the virtual environment.
  • Ideal as a disaster recovery solution.

You can easily access your Merit VDC across the Internet2 Network from your organization. Merit Network's robust fiber-optic network infrastructure has multiple connections to the Internet2 network, providing reliability and stability.

  • Customized to Meet Your Needs
    Your virtual servers can support diverse operating system and application choices, while keeping them safe and efficient for your specific purposes. Merit secures the framework of your VDC to ensure privacy and maximize functionality. You retain full control of your applications and data, allowing you to leverage your existing data management and backup systems.
  • Reinforce Security and High Availability
    Implement a redundant, secure environment for your applications. Merit VirtualDataCenters leverage VMware's highly available capabilities to reduce downtime and prevent outages. VDCs are provided on an infrastructure operated by Merit, so you will not have to leave Merit's trusted network in order to access your virtual data center. Leverage your already in-place backup tools to maintain data continuity for your virtual servers.
  • Heighten Efficiency and Reduce Datacenter Costs
    Expand your existing resources and reduce power requirements by consolidating your servers into a single virtual data center. Fewer platforms mean better management tools, fewer personnel requirements, and more availability for growth.
  • Can Provide Relief to Your Campus Network
    You can relocate high-visibility Internet applications outside of your campus network to reduce congestion and increase availability.
  • Efficient Disaster Recovery For Less
    Disaster Recovery (DR) services have become a priority for organizations, saving them vital resources, time, and money. You can use Merit VirtualDataCenters as an offsite, disaster recovery storage solution. Set up a Merit VDC as the destination for your backup data.

Image displaying a diagram of the Merit VirtualDataCenters


More Information

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 NET+ Merit VirtualDataCenters. Please check the Overview tab for updates as they become available. Have a question not answered here? Send an email to

Have a question about the Internet2 NET+ Merit VirtualDataCenters that wasn't answered through our menu options? Take a few moments to browse through our frequently asked questions. Click a question (or the preceding plus sign) to view its answer; click again to hide it. Click Show all to view all the answers at once. And feel free to email us if you have a question that's not answered here.

How is a Merit VirtualDataCenter created and customized?

Merit's VirtualDataCenter is a software defined datacenter offering simple web based administration of virtual server and networking resources. The web interface is used to control how resources are assigned to your VMs, what protocol's are allowed through your firewall, and which users can manage which VMs.

Merit's VirtualDataCenters are created on an infrastructure which divides a large pool of system resources like CPU and RAM. Through specialized software, it assigns those resources to your dedicated virtual server or servers, essentially creating a "data center" on the spot. You can then load software on those servers exactly as you would a physical machine and use it as you would any other server. You can create, modify, or delete your servers from a simple web based interface.

Are there any restrictions as to where a user can access a Merit VirtualDataCenter?

You can access the VDC web administration interface from anywhere, allowing you to manage your virtual data center from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser. Using the admin interface you can control the access to your virtual servers using the built in firewall.

Will my Merit VirtualDataCenter be backed up?

Merit's VirtualDataCenter runs on a robust and highly redundant infrastructure designed to protect against hardware failure and maximize your VM's uptime. Merit VirtualDataCenter does not currently offer a point in time backup solution for your VM's and recommends using your existing backup solution to protect your data.

Can Merit VirtualDataCenters serve web sites or applications to an entire campus?

Yes. Merit's VirtualDataCenter runs on a robust and highly redundant infrastructure designed to protect against hardware failure and maximize your VM's uptime. Merit has engineered VirtualDataCenters to provide the scale and capacity required to run enterprise grade applications.

How many connections can a Merit VirtualDataCenter have at one time?

The only limitation to the number of connections to your VirutalDataCenter, are the system resources you provision for your virtual servers and the bandwidth available to you. Merit provides a 1GBps link from your VirtualDataCenter out to Merit's network.

Can Merit VirtualDataCenters be upgraded or expanded if needed?

Yes. You can contact the Merit Support Center to add RAM, CPU, or disc storage to your datacenter at any time. Additionally, you can create as many virtual servers as you wish using the system resources with which your data center was initially provisioned.

Internet2 members can use NET+ Merit VirtualDataCenters. All of the services include technical support from Merit's highly-trained 24x7 Merit Support Center, providing help desk support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Participation is easy. All of your answers on Merit VirtualDataCenters are just a click away.

For more information, to receive a quotation, or to talk with a Merit Services Manager about the Internet2 NET+ Merit VirtualDataCenters, please send an email request to the following address: