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Desire2Learn Learning Environment

Service Type:
Software as a Service
Early Adopter
Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Member
University of Akron, The - Main Campus, University of Arizona
Dana Voss

The Integrated Learning Platform

D2L has partnered with clients to pioneer a next generation learning solution that provides an engaging experience capable of directly addressing key challenges related to learner engagement, retention, and outcomes. This represents a shift in higher education from the simple course management capabilities of an LMS to a highly pervasive, perceptive, and personal learning experience. D2L is offering a complete online/blended solution designed exclusively for Internet2 member institutions.

Set students and instructors up for success with an engaging, enriching learning experience. Supporting both face-to-face and online teaching and learning, our platform promotes interaction and communication in the classroom and beyond.

D2L is helping to transform the way the world learns. Providing the next generation learning solutions to engage and inspire lifelong learners, D2L helps clients break down barriers to access the highest quality learning experiences, and is recognized for its leadership in accessibility. A global leader in cloud-based (SaaS) learning solutions, D2L provides an open and extensible platform to over 750 clients and more than 10 million learners in 14 different languages.


D2L offers the most mobile, social, intuitive, and personalized set of tools and resources available to engage the student and shape the learning experience in higher education – creating an intellectually vibrant campus that benefits faculty, administration, and executives while advancing the goals of the institution.

Rich Media Content
With support for internal and external media, expansive storage and sharing capabilities, and an interface that makes embedding content easy, D2L makes creating media-rich courses simple.

Course Development
A wide array of tools provides everything instructors need to design, develop, and deliver quality courses while personalizing the experience for learners. Robust functionality enables easy incorporation of instructional design best practices to align assessments and learning experiences with course objectives.

Select from a wide range of opportunities to connect and share. Utilize email, instant messages, notifications, news, blogs and social profiles to communicate.

Whether it’s for class interaction or learner-instructor questions, Discussions tool provides a means for communication and connection in an environment that’s both easy to navigate and full of options. The Discussion tool also supports numerous rating schemes and both numeric and rubric assessment types.

Video Messages
Video Note can be used to create short videos with a webcam. Personalize communication with learners when meetings can’t happen face-to-face.

A student centric tool that makes group collaboration and communication easier through one centralized hub. Support group work with project management tools including shared calendars, polls, virtual meetings, to-do lists, and the ability to upload and edit files.

Personalized Learning Paths
Create a more guided, supported and personal learning experience with Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents.

Learning Outcomes
Tools to develop learning outcomes and align content and assessments to achievement of these objectives.

Analytics Essentials
Access a powerful, integrated suite of tools that measure, assess, report and analyze information critical to learner success. Rich data visualizations and interactive reporting capabilities enable instructors to make key insights.

Content Management
Import/Export/Copy Components tool provides instructors with the ability to easily transfer content from one course to another. Instructors can also re-use and share quizzes and questions. Content, Course Builder, and the Manage Files tools enable the organization and management of content.

Time Saving Tools
D2L offers a suite of tools designed to save time and keep Instructors focused on teaching. Easily move courses from one semester to the next with Manage Dates and Copy Components tools, inline grading of student work, pervasive drag-and-drop functionality, and much more.

Responsive web pages adapt to the size of any screen, standalone mobile apps integrate seamlessly into Learning Environment and HTML 5-based displays render even the most dynamic webpages. Use any device without any loss of critical functionality.

D2L APIs conform to industry standards such as IMS LTI 1.1.1 (Learning Tools Interoperability), SRU 1.2 (Search/Retrieval via URL) and more. In addition to standards based APIs we offer specialized APIs based on state-of-the-art technology approaches such as REST-based Web Services and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) that extend the areas the API enables. Beyond the technology, the D2L extensibility framework includes open documentation, tools and a supporting Developer community to simplify the process.

D2L is dedicated to making its products accessible to all users with or without disabilities. Inclusive design is a top priority and accessibility is tightly integrated with research and development efforts. D2L is the only LMS vendor to achieve Gold level certification by the National Federation for the Blind on multiple occasions. D2L is compliant with WCAG 2 level AA guidelines and section 508.

FERPA Compliance
D2L holds and processes client data in accordance with FERPA. Clients have taken different approaches to achieve FERPA compliance, so we attempt to make the system as flexible as possible. It is ultimately up to the system administrator and instructors to configure the system to best reflect their privacy (and regulatory) requirements.

Continuous Delivery
Continuous Delivery which is a method of delivering updated technology to D2L clients that enables rapid, incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality to users. This frictionless model makes it possible to increase collaboration with our clients and adapt software in line with user feedback and needs for incremental and easily integrated changes.

D2L Cloud
The integrated learning platform is a secure and reliable online learning solution. D2L offers a turnkey solution that is scalable to support client growth. D2L is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. To demonstrate our confidence and commitment, we provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing a 99.9% service uptime.

Security at D2L is very important, and our dedicated security staff rigorously performs regular security reviews on both our software and infrastructure to ensure the integrity of our clients’ data. D2L’s security practices are aligned to support compliance with applicable, security-related legislation. Our dedicated security staff works closely with clients to identify, assess, and respond to any issues that might arise.

Free Standalone Mobile Apps (available in Apple and Google Play app stores):

Assignment Grader
Streamline and simplify grading with full-feature capabilities online or offline. Quick and easy access to assignments allows instructors to assess using rubrics, annotate with inline comments, and provide personalized text, audio or video feedback.

Equipped with essential annotation and organization tools and completely integrated with Learning Environment, D2L Binder is a powerful and intuitive mobile application that enables learners to interact with course documents, eTextbooks and more.


Fees are not available at this time. For more information please contact


Thank you for your interest in Internet2 NET+ Desire2Learn Learning Environment. Please send an email to or information on how to become an early adopter.