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Network Connectors

Internet2 Network Connectors are research and educational organizations connecting directly to the Internet2 Network. Many connectors are also Research & Education Network members.

Internet2 Connectors and Participants map - PDF

Internet2 Network Connectors

There are currently 33 Internet2 Network Connectors with layer 3 connections.

Connector Capacity
3ROX (Three Rivers Optical Exchange) 1-100G
CAAREN (Capital Area Advanced Research and Education Network) 1-100G
CEN (Connecticut Education Network) 1-100G
CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, The) 1-100G
CIC OmniPoP (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) 2-100G
Drexel University 1-100G
FLR (Florida LambdaRail, LLC) 1-100G
GPN (Great Plains Network) 2-100G
Indiana GigaPoP 2-100G
KyRON (Kentucky Regional Optical Network) 1-100G
LEARN (Lonestar Education and Research Network) 2-100G
Louisiana Board of Regents / LONI (Louisiana Optical Network Initiative) 1-100G
MAGPI (Mid-Atlantic GigaPoP) 1-100G
MARIA (Mid-Atlantic Research Infrastructure Alliance) 1-100G
MAX (Mid-Atlantic Crossroads) 2-100G
MCNC / C-Light 2-100G
Merit Network, Inc. 1-100G
MissiON (Mississippi Optical Network) 2-10G
MREN (Metropolitan Research & Education Network) 1-100G
Nevada System of Higher Education - System Office 2-100G
Northern Lights GigaPoP 1-100G
NOX (Northern Crossroads) 3-100G
NYSERNet, Inc. 2-100G
OARnet (Ohio Academic Resources Network) 2-100G
Oregon GigaPoP 2-100G
PNWGP (Pacific Northwest GigaPOP) 2-100G
SoX (Southern Crossroads) 1-100G
Sun Corridor Network (Arizona) 2-100G
UEN (Utah Education Network) 1-100G
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign 2-100G
University of Memphis, The 1-10G
University of Montana 1-100G
University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus 1-100G