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Global Summit

Global Summit The Internet2 Global Summit is a leading forum to support and drive the advancement of research and education, spur next-generation innovation and accelerate global discovery. The Summit convenes CIOs and other leaders from institutions around the world in an environment of open engagement, free exchange, partnership and collaboration.

Together, we gauge progress toward our collective goals, explore critical issues within the broad R&E landscape, and determine community priorities. When we involve thought leaders, decision-makers, technologists, and end users in the same conversation, we do amazing things. We hope you will join us for this exciting annual event.

2016 Internet2 Global Summit

The place: Chicago, Illinois. The dates: May 15–18, 2016. The event: the 2016 Internet2 Global Summit. And it’s a very special one, indeed. Why? Turns out that a fledgling Internet2 community had its beginnings at another Chicago-based meeting—oh, around 20 years ago...

Plan now to join us for this special 20th anniversary celebration of our R&E community’s rich history and bright future. Registration is now open!

upcoming summits

  • 2017 Internet2 Global Summit 23–26 Apr, 2017 Washington, DC
  • 2018 Internet2 Global Summit 06–09 May, 2018 TBD
  • 2019 Internet2 Global Summit 05–08 Mar, 2019 Washington, DC

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