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Communities & Groups

Communities & Groups

The true value of Internet2 membership comes from the unique combination of advanced technologies and an engaged community. Members lead and participate in collaborative development efforts in advanced networking, performance, middleware, applications, and security.

Internet2 supports working groups, special interest groups, and discipline communities in science, engineering, health sciences, and the performing arts, and many others. These groups are integral to Internet2's human network, providing intellectual capital and a shared will to develop solutions.

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African Research and Education Community
Arts & Humanities Initiative
Asia and Oceania Research and Education Community
Assurance Advisory Committee
Audit and Finance Committee
Board of Trustees
Collaboration Special Interest Group
COmanage Project
Community Engagement Program Advisory Group
Emerging National Research and Education Networks
European Research and Education Community
Executive Committee
External Relations Program Advisory Group
Global Network Architecture Technical Group
Grouper Working Group
Health Sciences Initiative
High Energy and Nuclear Physics
InCommon Steering Committee
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To find out more about Internet2 groups or how to start your own collaboration opportunities, visit About Groups.