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Cloud Services & Applications

  • NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services Program - showcase

    NET+ Amazon Web Services by DLT are now available!

    Community-powered cloud success in action with three highly requested Infrastructure and Platform Services. Read more...

  • Milestones in the Cloud Services Lifecycle

    Each Internet2 NET+ service passes through its own lifecycle—marked by a series of phases.

    With sponsorship by members, subscription by members and through regional partners, designed with participating NRENs, Internet2 cloud services are designed for global scale and maximum R&E benefit.

  • Cloud Services & Applications

    Leveraging the Internet2 Network and enabling services like InCommon federated identity management, the Internet2 NET+ Services team is developing a portfolio of cloud service offerings that bring real value to Internet2 members.

    The goal? To create services that are cost-effective, easy to access, simple to administer, and tailored to the unique needs of our community.

  • CloudProud

    Leveraging the cloud successfully requires a lot more than the right technology. It requires the development of a whole range of skills, the adoption of best practices, the implementation of important processes, and training in things like risk contracts...

    There's a lot more to this cloud business than meets the eye. But you're not in it alone. We're here to help! Just email