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Internet2 membership opens the door to an active community that accelerates research discovery, advances national and global education, and improves the delivery of public services.

The Internet2 community is a fabric woven of connections between countries, regions, states, institutions and individuals. Our ranks include leading U.S. universities, corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit networking organizations, as well as international partners. Email for more information.


Membership infosheet image Internet2 members are categorized by organization type: Higher Education, Research and Education Network, Affiliate, and Industry. Membership dues and network participation fees are determined by membership category and level. Members also designate member representatives who work with Internet2 in a variety of different ways to ensure Internet2 membership delivers maximum value.

Higher Education

U.S. institutions of higher education that lead Internet2’s effort to develop networking capabilities and advanced applications that take advantage of the high-speed Internet2 Network. As a condition of Higher Education membership, a connection to the Internet2 Network must be established through a regional Research and Education Network member/connector. Higher Education membership levels are based on the Carnegie Foundation Basic Classifications.

Higher Education member list

Research & Education Networks

Research and Education Networks include nonprofit organizations that are sub-state, state or multi-state in scope and have a principal mission to provide network infrastructure and services primarily to the research and education community.

Research & Education Network member list


Non-profit organizations that are research- and/or education-oriented, with a strong interest in Internet2’s mission and goals. They are committed to promoting the development and deployment of advanced Internet applications and network services in the conduct of research and education. Non-profit organizations wishing to apply for Collaboration Site Status (i.e., having a connection to the Internet2 Network) must meet the same requirements as Higher Education members.

Affiliate member list


Internet2 Industry Membership infosheet image For-profit organizations that are committed to promoting the development and deployment of advanced research and education network applications and services. Internet2 Industry members make significant contributions and commitments to the Internet2 member community.

Industry member list


Internet2 membership is divided into four levels based on Basic Carnegie Classification assignment for Higher Education members, annual operating budgets for Affiliate members and annual revenues for Industry members.

Level 1

Includes Higher Education members with Carnegie Classifications of Very High Research Activity (RU/VH), Affiliate members with annual operating budgets greater than $1 billion and Industry members with annual revenues greater than $1 billion.

Level 2

Includes Higher Education members with Carnegie Classification of High Research Activity (RU/H).

Level 3

Includes Higher Education members with Carnegie Classifications of Doctoral Research Universities (DRU), Large Master’s Programs (Master’s L), Special Focus Institutions - Medical Schools and Medical Centers (Spec/Med) and University System Offices. Also includes Research and Education Network members, Affiliate members with annual operating budgets greater than $100 million and less than $1 billion and Industry members with annual revenues that are greater than $10 million and less than $1 billion.

Level 4

Includes Higher Education members with any Carnegie Classification not identified in Levels 1 through 3, Affiliate members with annual operating budgets less than $100 million and Industry members with annual revenues less than $10 million. This level of membership is primarily designed for small higher ed institutions, small non-profit organizations and small industry start-ups.

Dues & Fees

Internet2 annual membership dues and network participation fees vary by member category and participation level. Please contact if you have any questions about membership dues or network participation fees.

Level 1 member categoryDuesFeeTotal
Higher Education$ 33,600$ 56,000$ 89,600
Affiliate$ 33,600$ 26,000$ 59,600
Industry$ 33,600$ 26,000$ 59,600
“Non-connected” (Affiliate and Industry)$ 33,600N/A$ 33,600
Level 2 member categoryDuesFeeTotal
Higher Education$ 31,920$ 24,700$ 56,620
Level 3 member categoryDuesFeeTotal
Higher Education   
Specialized Med & System Offices$ 30,240$ 23,400$ 53,640
Doctoral Research$ 22,680$ 23,400*$ 46,080
Masters Large Program$ 18,144$ 23,400*$ 41,544
Research & Education Network$ 13,125N/A$ 13,125
Affiliate$ 30,240$ 23,400$ 53,640
Industry$ 30,240$ 23,400$ 53,640
“Non-connected” (Affiliate and Industry)$ 13,125N/A$ 13,125
Level 4 member category**DuesFeeTotal
Higher Education$ 10,000N/A$ 10,000
Affiliate$ 10,000N/A$ 10,000
Industry$ 10,000$ 23,400$ 33,400
“Non-connected” (Affiliate and Industry)$ 2,500N/A$ 2,500

* Optional cost; members may choose to connect behind local Sponsored Educational Group Participant.
** Level 4 members do not pay a Network Participation fee; they work directly with their regional connector organization to obtain a connection to the Internet2 Network.


To request an application for Internet2 membership, please email Be sure to include the name of the interested organization and the name and contact information of the individual requesting the membership application. When you apply, you will be asked to designate several member representatives who will work with Internet2 to ensure that you always get the most from your membership.

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 membership. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!